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  • 90 servings with 500 mg of Elemental Calcium
  • 1 serving = 2 and a half level scoops
  • We recommend taking the serving by mixing it with some food, juice or smoothie. It practically does not know anything.
  • Ideal to fortify your vegetable milks, shakes, foods or to use as a calcium supplement
  • Certified vegan and gluten free


How much to take and how to take your Calcium


​Take the amounts that a doctor or nutritionist has recommended. With 2 and a half level scoops per day, you get 500 mg of elemental calcium or take . We recommend mixing it with some food, juice or smoothie. It has practically no taste.

Tips to better absorb Calcium:

For better absorption, do not take more than 500 mg of elemental calcium at a time, if you must take more per day, take it between meals

Taking calcium together with vitamin D increases its absorption.  On the contrary, foods rich in sodium, salt and caffeine eliminate calcium in the urine.

If you consume iron or zinc, take it two hours apart from calcium, as they compete for absorption. 

Caution: Keep the ziploc bag closed in a cool and dry place, vitamins and minerals are sensitive to light, moisture and oxygen. Once opened consume within 120 days


If you suffer from achlorhydria (not having stomach acids), it is best  to look for a form of calcium called  calcium citrate


Functions and benefits of Calcium


  • Calcium is very important for your bones and teeth to be healthy, since this is the main element that composes them.
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis and hip fractures when your body lacks calcium to carry out various vital processes, your body will remove it from your bones and after a few years of doing this, without getting the necessary calcium from what you eat, problems could begin .
  • Calcium mediates the constriction and relaxation of your blood vessels, the transmission of your nerve impulses, muscle contraction, and the secretion of hormones such as insulin.
  • It has an essential role so that your cells can communicate with each other, which is known as cell signaling.
  • Helps reduce lead toxicity.
  • Helps prevent high blood pressure during pregnancy (Preeclampsia).




meqatecadvises you to always consult a specialist before applying or consuming any product related to the care and maintenance of your health.

Elemental Calcium 500mg / 90 servings

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