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The cleanest and fastest way to fix

Double-sided tape with EXTREME INITIAL STRENGTH and great final resistance. Fixes all kinds of porous and non-porous materials on smooth and slightly rough surfaces. In an easy, clean and immediate way. Inside and outside.



GLUES ALL MATERIALS, smooth and slightly rough surfaces: Wood, metal, plastic, stone, concrete, cement, tiles, expanded polystyrene, marble, mirrors*.

*Except polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and PTFE.



extreme starting tack

High resistance reinforcing mesh

Paste all the materials

Smooth and slightly rough surfaces

Resists humidity

indoor and outdoor

Temperature resistance -10º to +75º

Tensile strength 8kg/25mm



Cable guides, signage, identification plates, alarm systems, electrical boxes, tiles, moldings, boards, mirrors, hangers, bathroom accessories, kitchen utensils...


Mounting Tape, Double Sided Ceys Montack

SKU: 0041

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