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Wind Turbine Rated Power: 400 W
Rated voltage: DC12V
Battery voltage: DC12V
Starting Wind Speed: 2.5 m/s (8'/s)
Rated Wind Speed: 12m/S (35'/s)
Number of blades: 3
Wind Sheet Material: PBT
Rotor diameter: 1.2 m (4') Rated speed: 800r/min [RPM]
Tower diameter: >80mm (3.2")
Tower height: 4.5m-10m (15-33')
Battery capacity: 200AH- 400AH
Packing Dimension: 687*365*210mm (27"x14.4"x8.3")
Product lifespan: 15 years
Warranty: 2 years
Certification: CE, RoHS, ISO9001

Controller Model: FWS03/06-12
Battery Rated Voltage: DC12V
Turbine Rated Power: 400W
Brake Voltage: 14.5V Turbine Recovery Voltage: 13.2V
Largest discharge current: 20A
Battery Overcharge Protection: 16.5V (Turn off load output)
Battery discharge protection: 10.7V (turn off load output)
Battery discharge recovery protection: 12V (recovery charge output)
Static power: 15mA
Working temperature: -35 ~ +75℃
Controller Dimension: 150*87*28mm (5.9"x3.4"x1.1")
Breakthrough protection: IP67


Free office, Fifth Region and Metropolitan.


Product imported, marketed and distributed by Meqatec SpA

400W 12V/DC Portable Wind Generator

SKU: 0069

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