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The Denter InnovaGoods portable rechargeable dental irrigator has everything to achieve a complete cleans all kinds of teeth and dirt.

This oral irrigator provides a refreshing sensation of oral cleaning.

It has 3 modes of use and includes 4 heads for a professional result.

Ideal para cuidar la higiene bucal y realizar una limpieza dental en profundidad.


  • Rechargeable, wireless, lightweight, portable, easy to use anytime, anywhere
  • Design waterproof to use in the bath or shower without problems
  • Removable water tank, easy to fill and clean
  • The flow of water penetrates even the most difficult areas for a precision cleaning
  • Various modes of use and accessories para adapt to all needs
  • 4 heads: standard mouthpiece, orthodontic (Masaki), periodontal and tongue


This electric dental irrigator is rechargeable and can be charged from any USB source.

The tank is filled with water and the mouthwash used regularly (without alcohol) can be added.

You can choose the head and the mode of use that you prefer (Low: first uses and sensitive gums and teeth; High: normal mode for daily cleaning; Pulse: intermittent jet for deep cleaning).

Typically, one reservoir is needed for the upper teeth and another for the lower teeth.

In addition, water is saved due to its more efficient use.



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